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This outfitter, located in south central Missouri, offers exceptional trophy White-tailed Deer and Eastern Wild Turkey hunting. With more than 8,000 acres of intensely managed land under our ownership, they have transformed a large block of Ozark forest into a low-impact, free-range trophy deer and turkey hunting paradise, to include food plots, diverse wildlife habitat and cover and water sources.

Located in northeastern Texas County, Missouri, there is an outstanding deer and turkey population and is often among the top counties in the state for numbers of deer and turkey harvested. Although southern Missouri has long been known locally for producing huge trophy white-tailed deer, the secret is slowly getting out that this is a destination for hunters' seeking to harvest a true giant buck. 

The outfitter offers a variety of trophy hunting packages and prices. His professional guides are experienced hunters, are familiar with the property, and have a solid knowledge base of the wildlife feeding, bedding and travel patterns. 

With more than 20 food plots and wildlife ponds, and numerous well-placed blinds and ladder stands, every effort has been made to manage the property with the trophy deer hunter in mind. A 130" minimum for bucks helps ensure that the deer management goals are met to maximize mature, trophy buck potential. Well-placed game cameras aid in the deer management and hunter placement by providing hundreds of photos of potential trophy bucks across the property. In addition to helping with our management and hunting decisions, these photos also provide for exciting viewing for our hunters and guides. It's very likely that you will harvest a trophy that has been captured on one of the game cameras. 

Outstanding fishing opportunities also wait for you just a few miles from their headquarters. With the beautiful Current River and Montauk State Park only a short drive away there are myriad opportunities to fish for trophy trout. Montauk State Park offers year-round fishing opportunities and the upper reaches of the Current River are considered among the best wild trophy trout fishing in the state.

The property is located just minutes from lodging, restaurants and groceries. Information is available for nearly every recreation opportunity imaginable, from hunting and fishing, to horseback riding, trail hiking, or bird watching. Please give us an opportunity to help you bag the trophy of a lifetime and make your hunting experience one you'll never forget.

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