Dennis Lashua is an avid outdoorsman, born and bred in Louisiana, the Sportsman's Paradise. He has hunted, fished, and traveled all over the US and several other countries, well qualifying him to ensure the best possible experience for each client's adventure. He is a volunteer Hunter Safety Instructor for Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries. He has also managed several hunting clubs in the past.

    Trail Escapes is the result of many years of learning the outdoors the way most people do, by watching others, trial and error, and just plain hard work. We don’t claim to be the best hunters or fishermen in the world. To the contrary, we understand we should still be learning something new every day. Our strength comes from the fact that we are everyday hunters and fishermen, just like most of you. We love the outdoors, and will sneak off to the woods or lake every chance we get. That love, coupled with hard won knowledge of the sport, of travel, and even the modern world of computers, GPS, and the internet, is our foundation. Almost every hunter I've ever talked to has a common wish. “I would love to take a trip to really great lodge where I can have a chance at a trophy (insert type of game or fish here) of a lifetime. Most of the time, a wish is as far as they get. They don’t know where to go or which outfitter or lodge to book. Or maybe they just don’t have the time to research all the locations. There are a lot of lodges out there, and the state laws and licenses vary a lot. That’s where Trail Escapes comes in.

    We handle the research for you. Not just online, but in person. We only take our clients to lodges we have already visited and inspected. No unpleasant surprises when you arrive. Most of us have a horror story or two about a guided hunt or fishing trip that just wasn’t what it was supposed to be. We make sure you are getting the most value for your time and money.

    We handle the transportation if you wish. We can arrange whatever air or ground transportation you may need. No matter if it’s that Mid-west whitetail hunt, Florida Keys fishing trip or maybe the Colorado, Canadian or Alaskan trip you always wanted we can make the arrangements. From airplane tickets, to transportation to the lodge itself, we handle it. It can be a challenge traveling with firearms nowadays. We know the rules and regulations for the airlines, as well as the federal and state laws.

    For the corporate client, we can offer a personal approach for you and your executives and clients. We don’t just hand you a bunch of papers and tickets, and tell you to have a good trip. We can take you there, make sure everything is just the way it’s supposed to be, and then bring you home again. Don’t worry about how to get to the lodge from the airport, where the best restaurants are, or how to get your trophy home. Relax; it’s already taken care of.

    If you want a custom designed trip, we will sit down with you, discuss exactly want you want, and put together for you.

    We book hunting and fishing trips all during the year, at various locations and price ranges. From a “bare bones” trips to that luxury trip you always dreamed of, we offer them all. We also can arrange corporate trips for those top producers you want to reward.

    When you book a trip with us, you get a one year membership in “The Hunting Club”, our monthly newsletter. Filled with articles relating to all aspects of the outdoors, reviews of recent trips, photos, and tips, it’s a great value in its own right. But also, the newsletter gives you first shot (sorry) at future trips, before they appear on the website.


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