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    The Florida Keys flats and backcountry is home to the largest bonefish in the world as well as some of the best Permit, bonefish, and tarpon fishing any where! These big bonefish are also the "spookiest" fish found anywhere. These large, world class bonefish can reach up to 16 pounds.

    Our guide in the Keys has been guiding clients to incredible fishing in the Florida Keys for over 25 years. He grew up fishing the waters from Miami to Key West and although much has changed, it is still the best sight fishing in the world.

    Come join him in HIS WORLD, the Florida Keys Backcountry, for an experience you will never forget. Whether you choose to chase bonefish, permit, tarpon, redfish or snook, you will be amazed at the diverse fishing grounds he can show you in the Florida Keys. You can stalk bonefish one day in Key Largo and be Permit Fishing the next day in Key West!

    A fishing guide should be like a coach. You should be able to pull from his experiences in order for you to become better at the game. Our guide can show you the techniques necessary to catch these wary fish of the flats and can also take your fly-casting to the next level.

    Because fishing in the Keys is good almost any time of year, we have included a guide for which species is available during any given month. Click here to view the guide.

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