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Activity: Hunting

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There are hunting lodges and then there are hunting destinations. This is one of a handful of lodges in North America that meets that description. Its 16,000 acres and surrounding public lands, lie in some of the best hunting territory in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado.

Home to some of the world’s largest mule deer bucks and one of the largest elk herds in the Rockies, this premier ranch sits in a valley surrounded on the north, east, and south by mountains that form the continental divide. This geography forms a slight pocket westward in the drainage basin of the Pacific Ocean making this ranch ideal habitat for monster mule deer bucks and trophy rocky mountain elk.

The hunting on this ranch is considered by many to be as good as it gets in the western US. The early season elk hunting during the archery season is usually spent chasing bugling bulls around the mountains or by sitting in strategically placed stands on wallows or watering holes. As the season progresses and the rut begins to wane, hunters will spend more time glassing the high mountain meadows and travel corridors where the elk move from the high country into their winter ranges. Hunters can expect to see large numbers of elk during their hunt and we expect trophies to average close to 300 BC gross.

The mule deer hunting on this property is possibly the best trophy mule deer hunting in the country. Hunters will spend their time glassing for trophy bucks and will earn their trophy with their glasses and not their boots in most cases. We only allow between 3 to 5 bucks to be taken annually off of this property and hunters can expect trophies from 180″ up.

The habitat in the Middle Park ranges from high mountainous slopes with lodge pole pine to sage brush valleys to hay meadows in the lower elevations. Elevation ranges on this property are from 8,500 to over 12,000 where the road crosses the continental divide.

Archery season opens in CO in late August and continues through September. Rifle season opens for both deer and elk in October and continues into November.

This lodge is legendary when it comes to service and accommodations. Very few hunting operations in the world can offer this level of accommodations in such a great setting. Hunters will either stay in one of the cabins on the property or the large luxury home we use as a base camp during the season.

This a true 5-star luxury location offering gourmet meals, a hot tub, spa treatments, individual rooms with fireplace and more.

The hunting also includes Mule Deer, Mountain Lion and Antelope, along with some of the finest fly fishing to be had.

The prices for this location are;

5-day archery elk hunt: $5000

5-day rifle elk hunt: $6000

5-day rifle mule deer hunt: $7000

Please contact Trail Escapes for more details.

This is a year round location for the whole family. There are so many activities it can’t be described in just one web page, so this is the first of Trail Escapes hunting and fishing locations to earn a second webpage listing. We will have a new Events section titled “For the Family”. Please check out this location under the title “Experience the Old West”.

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