Talon Knives

Introducing the Talon Tactical Edge, the first of many new innovative products to come from Talon industries.

The Talon Tactical Edge was created by a group of passionate Canadian outdoorsmen. While setting up camp, hunting, fishing and kayaking, they recognized the need for mobility of their hands and a blade  at the same time. The solution: the Talon Tactical Edge.

Ultra Small and Light - Easier to carry than a folding knife with more carry options (accessories included)

Extremely Quick to Deploy - Large finger capsule makes for blazing fast accesibility under stress

Unmatched Retention - Sized for the user’s hand, the Talon can’t be accidentally dropped

Permits Normal Hand Use While Deployed - Climb, swim, paddle  and use tools or gear with knife in hand

Crafted from 1.4116SS hardened to 59-60RC, the Talon Tactical Edge provides a long lasting , low maintenance blade designed for  today’s active outdoor lifestyle.

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