Talon knives are made in a 5 sizes and are designed to fit your personal hand size.

In order to order the correct size you need to measure your hand

–it’s easy!

Just follow these simple instructions.

You will need:

1.A piece of paper



4.Scotch Tape


Talon Tactical Edge

                        Custom Fit


Using the scissors, cut a ½” wide strip off the long end of a regular 8 x 11 piece of paper.

Attach a piece of tape to one end of the strip of paper.

Attach the taped portion to the TOP of your MIDDLE finger.

Wrap the paper strip around the base of your middle and index finger - Pull LIGHTLY snug – not too tight! Using the pen, mark the paper strip.

Remove the paper strip from your hand and measure with the ruler.

Measure twice!

Talon Knives come in 5 sizes and can be adjusted further using the accessory wraps included.

Your Personal Talon Knife

Size XSmall - Between 3.75” (93mm) and 4.0” (101mm)

Size Small - Between 4.0” (101mm) and 4.25” (108mm)

Size Med - Between 4.25” (108mm) and 4.5” (114mm)

Size Large - Between 4.5” (114mm) and 4.75” (120mm)

Size XLarge - Between 4.75 (120mm) and 5.0” (127mm) no longer available

NOTE: Order the larger size if your finger measurement is on the line between two sizes.

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